SYSGO is specialised in design, implementation and configuration of software for embedded systems. Since its foundation, the company has been focused on real-time operating systems for critical embedded systems. SYSGO has developed the RTOS PikeOS that is ported to various architectures and platforms. SYSGO also provides professional services and consultancy and distributes its products worldwide. The company has successfully completed a number of projects to certify operating system software for use in safety critical applications, e.g. in civil aircraft according to standard DO-178B, Level A.

Focus of its offering is the real-time operating system PikeOS, a virtualisation platform based on a small, fast and secure micro-kernel developed since 1998. This system has gradually evolved over several years of its practical application to the real-time, embedded space. The avionics (DO-178B) level B certified PikeOS is a MILS solution to separate safety -critical applications partitions and is currently used in the Aerospace & Avionics markets (e.g. Airbus), Industrial Automation, automotive, transportation and Network Infrastructure. The PikeOS MILS solution also can be used for virtualisation in the embedded market and allows the simultaneous existence of different operating systems (including Linux and applications) on the same hardware. Currently, PikeOS can host about ten different operating system APIs. Among them are Linux, POSIX PSE52, ARINC653, two different Java virtual machines, Ada, and several popular real-time kernels. PikeOS runs on Intel, Freescale, ARM, MIPS, LEON3/4, Renesas and other platforms.

Other major products comprise ELinOS, an embedded Linux optimised for real-time applications, that is often deployed atop of PikeOS, and Avionic Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet (ARINC-664 Part 7).

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