Rapita Systems Ltd

Rapita Systems Ltd. is a specialist in on-target verification and timing analysis tools for real-time embedded systems, with special emphasis on Worst-case Execution Time analysis tools. The main markets are Avionics, Space, Automotive and Telecommunication industries. Its innovative RapiTime product makes Rapita Systems the leader in measurement-based worst-case execution time analysis solutions. RapiTime provides a practical WCET analysis solution that works for complex embedded software running on the latest generation of advanced microprocessors. Rapita Systems has its origins in one of the first Embedded Systems funded EU Projects: NextTTA (IST-2001-32111). The company was founded in 2004 as a spinoff from the Real-Time Systems Research group at the Computer Science Department of the University of York, UK. One of the world leading research groups on real-time systems.

Rapita Systems develops on-target verification solutions for customers in the avionics and automotive electronics industries. Our tools help to reduce the cost of measuring, optimizing and verifying the timing performance and test effectiveness of their critical real-time embedded systems.

  • Software timing analysis and worst case execution time analysis (WCET) with tool support from RapiTime
  • Structural Code Coverage including fast embedded MC/DC coverage using RapiCover

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