IKERLAN-IK4 is a private not-for-profit Technological Research Centre in the north of Spain, with a vocation for public service. IKERLAN-IK4 has a long and distinguished track record in bringing innovation and comprehensive product development (in particular in mechatronic systems) to regional industry. We cooperate closely with companies to improve their competitiveness, through the application of technological knowledge for developing innova­tive products and through the use of new tools and methodologies for implementation in design and production processes. IKERLAN-IK4 has a staff of more than 200 qualified researchers and engineers, with experience in interdisciplinary work and capable of tackling complex problems.

From its creation (1974) in the fold of what is the Mondragon Group (Spain’s seventh-largest corporation) IKERLAN-IK4 has maintained close relations with companies from the machinery and capital goods, electronics and computing, railway, vertical transportation, automotive and energy sectors. In all these areas, our developments continue until the materialisation of ideas into final products. As a centre of excellence in the transfer of technology,  more than 800 R&D projects were completed so far in cooperation with companies developing new products and implementing customised systems in design and manufacturing processes.

Team Members