Airbus Defence & Space

The Space Systems business line of Airbus Defense and Space is the European leader in space, formed from the current Astrium Divisions Space Transportation and Satellites. With its unique expertise, Space Systems will be the global No. 1 for commercial launchers and the European leader for satellites and orbital systems. The business line will serves institutional customers like ESA, national civil and defence agencies and commercial customers.

The “Data Processing, on-board Software and advanced studies” division gathers a great variety of capabilities in on-board data processing technologies and architecture, engineering methods, tools environments development. It provides active support to on-going Space Systems projects, continuously surveys and studies new technologies and evaluates relevant tools according to project needs and constraints in order to facilitate the injection of new technologies and methods into Space Systems operations. Its domain encompasses electronic equipment development for platforms and payloads, mechanisms and structures, system level and functional chain-level engineering services and assembly, integration & test capabilities for satellite projects, standardization and harmonization.

Team Members