As an integral part of Airbus, Avionics and Simulation department develops and builds systems that optimize aircraft performance, and is responsible for providing electronic and software expertise that Airbus business requires. Avionics and Simulation is dedicated to supplying its customers with reliable high-tech products, such as federated fly-by-wire computers or IMA platforms and applications. But it is also an organization qualified for ensuring the high-quality services required to get the best of its products all around the world. Leaning on four repair centres (Toulouse, Miami, Singapore, and Beijing), it ensures support (technical and commercial) in order to provide customers with optimum product availability. It is organised around three complementary product lines: Avionics, Simulation, and Simulation Training Support. Airbus Avionics and Simulation is consistently ranked amongst the top ten suppliers of Airbus by clients in terms of quality of service

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