Randomization provides the answer to timing challenges for next generation critical embedded systems

Monday, March 24, 2014

YORK, U.K. -- Over the next decade, the embedded software industry will face a massive transition to
multicore and manycore processors. This architectural revolution intensifies an already existing severe
challenge to the development of Critical Real-Time Embedded Systems (CRTES), namely the need to show
that software timing behaviour is always correct during operation. Previous research carried out in the
EU-funded PROARTIS project has demonstrated how this threat can be mitigated through the application
of randomization. PROXIMA (Probabilistic real-time control of mixed-criticality multicore and manycore
systems), a 36-month project funded under the EU FP7 research programme, builds on the results of
PROARTIS, and will result in a comprehensive suite of hardware and software platforms and probabilistic
analysis methods integrated into commercial design, development and verification tools. (More details....)