Next Mixed Criticality Forum and Review in May[tt_news]=13&cHash=2e5b3785aea5de3bebfc4187fd5dcb04
Thursday, April 9, 2015

The second review meeting of the projects DREAMS, PROXIMA and CONTREX takes place May 19th – 21th 2015 at the Vodafone Village in Milan, Italy.

The goal of this review meeting is to assess:

  •     The degree of fulfilment of the project’s work plans of the first 18 months.
  •     The continued relevance of the objectives and break through potential with respect to the state of the art
  •     The resources planned and utilized in relation to the achieved progress
  •     The management procedures and methods of the project
  •     The beneficiaries’ contributions and integration within the project
  •     The expected potential impact in scientific, technological-, economic, competitive and social terms (where relevant), and the plans for the use and dissemination of results

To further support the technical collaboration within the Mixed-Criticality Cluster, an internal workshop among DREAMS, PROXIMA and CONTREX will be organized on May 20th 2015.