Increased dissemmination effort for PROXIMA

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Beginning of July has been very intense dissemination wise for PROXIMA project, scoring in total 4 dissemination items, with relevant attendees among both scientific and industrial communities.

1) TACLe

Presentation at the Timing Analysis on Code-Level (TACLe) ( and
Presenter: Francisco J. Cazorla
Abstract: The presentation introduced the audience the main concepts behind PROXIMA and some of the results obtained so far
Audience: ~25 people
When: July 4th 2016

2) WCET Workshop:

Two papers presented at the Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis Workshop (WCET 2016) held as part of the ECRTS 2016 conference
- Paper 1: Enrique Diaz, Jaume Abella, Enrico Mezzetti, Irune Agirre, Mikel Azkarate-Askasua, Tullio Vardanega and Francisco J Cazorla.Mitigating Software-Instrumentation Cache Effects in Measurement-Based Timing Analysis
- Paper 2: Leonidas Kosmidis, Davide Compagnin, David Morales, Enrico Mezzetti, Eduardo Quiñones, Jaume Abella, Tullio Vardanega and Francisco J Cazorla. Measurement-Based Timing Analysis of the AURIX Caches
Audience: ~35 people
When: July 5th 2016

3) Presentation at the Airbus Multi-Core Workgroup:

Where: Airbus Facilities, Toulouse France
Title: Introduction to PROXIMA
The talk introduced the main concepts behind PROXIMA. The talk also introduced the main platforms used in the project in which those concepts have been developed. The talk also covered different techniques developed as part of the PROXIMA project and some results obtained so far.
Audience: ~15 people (in person and on the phone/webex)
When: July 6th 2016