Dr. Francisco J. Cazorla - RAI Medal

Monday, December 14, 2015

The researcher Francisco J. Cazorla, PhD and Engineer at BSC and the Research and Artificial Intelligence CSIC Institute (IIIA-CSIC), has been awarded one of the 10 medals conferred by the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering in 2015 in recognition of outstanding research careers and overall merit in Spanish engineers aged under 40. Cazorla works on the design of multicore processors in high-performance systems, those that can be found on personal computers or supercomputers, and on real-time systems in satellites, trains, cars and planes. Dr. Cazorla and his team's achievements include participating in and leading cutting-edge projects in designing processors for aeroplanes, cars and satellites, some of them with the European Space Agency.

In the case of real-time systems, Cazorla is leading the PROXIMA project that has the revolutionary objective of designing hardware and software with random characteristics. This allows the use of probabilistic techniques for a low cost method of accurately analysing programs' worst case execution time for the industry by allowing the use of more advanced computers securely.

Further information here (in Spanish)