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Conference Paper
M. Panic, Abella, J., Quinones, E., Hernandez, C., Ungerer, T., and Cazorla, F. J., Analyzing TDMA and Round-Robin with MBPTA, DSD 2015, 2015.
J. Abella, Hardy, D., Puaut, I., Quinones, E., and Cazorla, F. J., On the Comparison of Deterministic and Probabilistic WCET Estimation Techniques, in Proceedings 26th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS14), 2014.
I. Agirre, Azkarate-askasua, M., Perez, J., Hernandez, C., Abella, J., Vardanega, T., and Cazorla, F. J., IEC-61508 SIL3-compliant Pseudo-Random Number Generators for Probabilistic Timing Analysis, DSD 2015, 2015.
P. Ryan Conmy, Pearce, M., Ziccardi, M., Mezzetti, E., Vardanega, T., Anderson, J., Gianarro, A., Hernandez, C., and Cazorla, F. J., Measurement-Based Probabilistic Timing Analysis: From Academia to Space Industry, DASIA 2015, 2015.
F. J. Cazorla, Abella, J., Anderson, J., Vardanega, T., Vatrinet, F., Bate, I., Broster, I., Azkarate-askasua, M., Wartel, F., Cucu, L., Cros, F., Farrall, G., Gogonel, A., Gianarro, A., Triquet, B., and Hernand, C., PROXIMA: Improving Measurement-Based Timing Analysis through Randomisation and Probabilistic Analysis, DSD 2016, 2016.
M. Slijepcevic, Fernandez, M., Hernandez, C., Abella, J., Quinones, E., and Cazorla, F. J., pTNoC: Time-Analyzable Scalable NoC Designs for Mixed-Criticality Multicore Embedded Systems, DSD 2016, 2016.
C. Hernandez, Abella, J., Gianarro, A., Andersson, J., and Cazorla, F. J., Random Modulo: a New Processor Cache Design for Safety-critical Systems, DAC 2016, 2015.
D. Trilla, Hernandez, C., Abella, J., and Cazorla, F. J., Resilient Random Modulo Cache Memories for Probabilistically-Analyzable Real-Time Systems, IOLTS 2016, 2016.
S. Milutinovic, Abella, J., Hardy, D., Quinones, E., Puaut, I., and Cazorla, F. J., Speeding up Static Probabilistic Timing Analysis, in ARCS, 2015.
C. Hernandez, Abella, J., Cazorla, F. J., Andersson, J., and Gianarro, A., Towards Making a LEON3 Multicore Compatible with Probabilistic Timing Analysis, DASIA 2015, 2015.
J. Abella, Hernandez, C., Quinones, E., Cazorla, F. J., Conmy, P. Ryan, Azkarate-askasua, M., Perez, J., Mezzetti, E., and Vardanega, T., WCET Analysis Methods: Pitfalls and Challenges on their Trustworthiness, SIES 2015, 2015.