Università degli studi di padova

Established in 1222, the “Università degli studi di Padova” is one of the most famous and oldest universities in Europe. It has an outstanding number of fields of expertise, ranging from Biology to Philosophy and Psychology and young and emerging curricula in Information Technology under the School of Science. The Department of Mathematics, which hosts the Informatics group, houses over 120 teachers and 35 PhD students, with an outstanding spread of research interests, ranging from classic mathematics themes such as Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Logic, Probability and Statistics and Topology groups, via Numerical Analysis, Operations Research and Optimisation, to Computer Science. The Computer Science research group has an acknowledged track-record and expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Theory of Computation and Algorithm, Programming Languages, Real-time Systems and Software Engineering, the latter with particular relation to software methods, languages, real-time kernels and tools for high-integrity embedded real-time systems.

Team Members