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Conference Paper
M. Ziccardi, Mezzetti, E., Vardanega, T., Abella, J., and Cazorla, F. J., EPC: Extended Path Coverage for Measurement-based Probabilistic Timing Analysis, RTSS 2015, 2015.
D. Compagnin, Mezzetti, E., and Vardanega, T., Experimental evaluation of optimal schedulers based on partitioned proportionate fairness, ECRTS 2015, 2015.
P. Ryan Conmy, Pearce, M., Ziccardi, M., Mezzetti, E., Vardanega, T., Anderson, J., Gianarro, A., Hernandez, C., and Cazorla, F. J., Measurement-Based Probabilistic Timing Analysis: From Academia to Space Industry, DASIA 2015, 2015.
S. Milutinovic, Abella, J., and Cazorla, F. J., Modelling Probabilistic Cache Representativeness in the Presence of Arbitrary Access Patterns, ISORC 2016, 2016.
S. Milutinovic, Quinones, E., Abella, J., and Cazorla, F. J., PACO: Fast Average-Performance Estimation for Time-Randomized Caches, 52nd Design Automation Conference (DAC), 2015.
D. Compagnin, Mezzetti, E., and Vardanega, T., Putting RUN into practice: implementation and evaluation, in Proceedings 26th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS14), 2014.
S. Milutinovic, Abella, J., Hardy, D., Quinones, E., Puaut, I., and Cazorla, F. J., Speeding up Static Probabilistic Timing Analysis, in ARCS, 2015.
D. Maxim, Soboczenski, F., Bate, I., and Tovar, E., Study of the Reliability of Statistical Timing Analysis for Real-Time Systems, RTNS 2015, 2015.
E. Mezzetti and Vardanega, T., Supporting global resource sharing in RUN-scheduled multiprocessor systems, in Real-Time Networks and Systems (RTNS), 2014.
L. Kosmidis, Vargas, R., Morales, D., Quinones, E., Abella, J., and Cazorla, F. J., TASA: Toolchain-Agnostic Software Randomisation for Safety-Critical Real-Time Systems, ICCAD 2016, 2016.
F. Wartel, Kosmidis, L., Gogonel, A., Baldovin, A., Stephenson, Z., Triquet, B., Quinones, E., Lo, C., Mezzetti, E., Broster, I., Abella, J., Cucu-Grosjean, L., Vardanega, T., and Cazorla, F. J., Timing Analysis of an Avionics Case Study on Complex Hardware/Software Platforms, in DATE, 2015.
J. Abella, Hernandez, C., Quinones, E., Cazorla, F. J., Conmy, P. Ryan, Azkarate-askasua, M., Perez, J., Mezzetti, E., and Vardanega, T., WCET Analysis Methods: Pitfalls and Challenges on their Trustworthiness, SIES 2015, 2015.